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Christendom alumni excel

Our alumni achieve success in whatever career path they pursue. Armed with a rigorous and broad-based liberal arts education, they gain the most important attributes sought after by today’s employers: clear, analytical, and innovative thinking, excellent communication skills, and the ability to solve complex problems. Our alumni enter a myriad of career fields and consistently outperform their peers.


Our alumni find gainful employment quickly and they believe their education was worth the investment.


of grads Agree their education was worth the investment


National Average

  • Class of 2023 grads employed or in grad school within six months of graduation: 99.1% 99.1%
  • National average for other college graduates: 85% 85%
  • Class of 2023 grads employed/grad school requiring a B.A. degree: 81% 81%
  • National average for other college graduates: 52% 52%

liberal arts = ANY CAREER YOU WANT

  • Healthcare
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Business Management & Sales
  • Law & Law Enforcement
  • Communications, Marketing & Editorial
  • Graphic Arts, Design & Media
  • IT & STEM
  • Education & Religious Ministry
  • Public Policy, Government & Politics
  • Office Administration & Event Planning
  • Military 


"Education for Life" Courses

As part of the core curriculum, all students are enrolled in two 1-credit “Education for Life” courses which span throughout all four years of college. Through these classes, taught by certified career professionals, the students are educated in the key principles of professionalism, resume and cover letter writing skills, financial literacy, networking and interviewing skills, and much more. 


The Career & Professional Development Office – Mrs. Kristin Stephens, assisted by Mr. Tom McFadden – meet with students one-on-one to help them discover career fields that fit their talents and interests, search for internships, edit their cover letters and resumes,  prepare for interviews, and much more.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is essential to finding the best internships and careers. Students can network with alumni through a robust Alumni Mentor Program, complete with an Alumni Mentor Booklet, and employer relations initiatives. Alumni come to campus to speak about their careers at Life on Tap and they volunteer to mentor students with similar interests, and more.


Sean Kay (’97) Double Major: English/Political Science
Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers

A Christendom College education opens endless opportunities and confers enormous obligations. The time I spent at Christendom enabled me to earn a valuable liberal arts degree, taught me intellectual discipline and effective work habits, and helped me to prioritize the important things in my life. Many students in American colleges and universities today acquire a narrow, overly specialized education, but employers and graduate schools are actively seeking well-rounded, liberal arts undergraduates.

Teri Rusnak (’04) Major: Philosophy
Registered Nurse

The critical thinking I learned at Christendom assists me in correctly assessing my patients and prioritizing their care. But more importantly, I think the philosophy and ethics courses I took have given me my most valuable tools as a nurse. I have many hospice cases, and with them come difficult decisions. I’m convinced I would not be able to make these ethical decisions in keeping with the dignity of the human person without my Christendom experience.

Greg Bodoh (’94) Major: Theology
Founder and Ceo, Sole Solutions, Inc.

Christendom instilled in me a desire to make a difference in the world. The liberal arts education trained me to think creatively, innovatively, and expansively. The moral formation helps me navigate the corporate world with principled integrity, especially in respect to my employees, who deserve priority over profits.



[Christendom] graduates have great attention to detail and learn the skills required for any position quickly. We currently have…Christendom graduates doing sales, marketing, management, customer service, and scheduling. They all do a fantastic job! 

Tommy Salmon

General Manager at Hambleton Handyman 

They are a “must interview.” I found that they have all the traits you want your own child to have – truthful, courteous, good interpersonal skills, respectful, and grateful. 

Cindy Carci

Former Director of Sales at immixGroup

I have always been impressed by their ability to learn new tasks and to take on responsibility. My business is quite complicated, and their ability to adapt to various situations is very important. The graduates of Christendom with whom I have had the pleasure of working possess a deep character of integrity and virtue.  

Paul Uhlenkott

Owner of EcoNize Closets

Want to recruit Christendom students to work for your company?

the Career & Professional Development Office

Mrs. Kristin Stephens offers personalized assistance to students, and works with employers to find the best candidates for open positions. From career exploration, to resume refinement, to interview prep, the Career & Professional Development office offers a variety of services to help students achieve their professional goals.