Your Path to Success

Unique to Christendom

We are proud to offer personalized assistance to the whole college community, from freshman to senior, to help plan and achieve career and vocational success. Our services are designed to help you explore options, connect with opportunities, and succeed no matter what your career aspirations are.

CareerPath™ is a systematic and thoughtful approach to leading students through the difficult path to choosing a career. Students are given the confidence, knowledge, education, and mentorship they need to go into their desired profession upon graduation.


How CareerPath™ Works

Rather than relying on chance and happenstance, students who choose to enroll in CareerPath™ during their Junior year and select their desired “First Job Out of College” will be able to work with members of the Career Development Team to create an Individualized Success Plan.

Through this intentional plan, students will be

  • Assigned an alumni mentor in their chosen field
  • Given the knowledge they need to find success in their profession
  • Shown the education/coursework they need to succeed
  • Educated about how to find the best experiential learning opportunities for them, including internships, jobs, and shadowing opportunities
  • Taught to tailor their cover letters and resumes for a particular position
  • Coached about how to best interview for this position
  • Encouraged to utilize the college’s network to find more people in the field who can assist them
  • Provided insights into how to best search for a specific job to find success
  • Able to meet one-on-one regularly with a Certified Career Counselor

      CareerPath™ Outcomes

      The overarching goal of CareerPath™ is to provide students with the opportunity to begin preparing for their post-graduation career during their Junior year through structured and individualized career counseling.

      The outcomes you can expect as a CareerPath™ participant:

      • More confidence in yourself and your job search
      • More prepared for the job search
      • Better applicant because of your experience and your materials
      • Less stress when graduation nears because you have a plan
      • Be employed earlier because you took action prior to the last few weeks before graduation