Education for a Lifetime

Christendom College’s Recipe for Professional Success

Success Statistics Tell the Truth

Christendom College alumni are successful in a myriad of fields, and part of that success is due to the college’s emphasis on ensuring that its students are fully prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation, and have all of the requisite knowledge and skills they need to hit the ground running and be a valuable employee on day one.

Through the Education for a Lifetime Career Courses (EFL), which are a required part of the college’s core curriculum, students find themselves well-prepared to follow their vocational calling. According to the Class of 2023: 

  • 88% agree that Christendom prepared them well for the workplace
  • 82% agree that they benefited from the EFL Course
  • 92% agree that they are satisfied with their education
  • 80% were employed/accepted to grad school prior to graduation

Class of 2023

  • Had a critiqued and edited professional resume 100% 100%
  • Had an active, updated LinkedIn profile 100% 100%
  • Had experience writing cover letters 100% 100%
  • Were taught how to effectively search for relevant jobs 100% 100%
  • Were taught about the value of networking 100% 100%
  • Were taught how to properly interview for a job 100% 100%
  • Were taught the principles of good leadership 100% 100%

CCOL 101 & CCOL 301

EFL Curriculum Overview

Christendom College’s Education for a Lifetime Course is split into two sections: Freshman/Sophomore Year courses (CCOL 101) and Junior/Senior Year courses (CCOL 301), each worth one credit and required for graduation.

During the CCOL 101 course, students become proficient in:

  • Understanding the value of a liberal arts education.
  • Thinking about their long-term, and short-term, career-related goals.
  • Determining their unique personality, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understanding the career planning process and how graduate school fits in.
  • Learning the importance of getting involved in on-campus activities to improve their leadership and service skills.
  • Understanding how to act, dress, and communicate professionally.
  • Understanding the importance of networking in finding jobs.
  • Creating a complete online LinkedIn profile.
  • Researching summer jobs and internships to better build their resumes.
  • Writing a resume and understanding the basics of writing a cover letter.

During the CCOL 301 course, students become proficient in:

  • Understanding the timeline for applying to graduate school.
  • Creating an individual success plan for getting into their desired field.
  • Understanding the basics of financial literacy: interest, loans, budgets.
  • Knowing about credit scores, how to build credit, and how to manage debt.
  • Understanding the job search process and networking’s role in that process.
  • Writing a cover letter and resume, based on a specific job description.
  • Understanding how to prepare for an interview, and how to follow up.
  • Understanding how to respond to a job offer, negotiate salary, turn down a job offer, and how to give two-weeks notice.
  • The basics of Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.

EFL Course Instructors

Mr. Tom McFadden, VP for Enrollment & Student Success

Tom McFadden is the Coordinator of the Education for a Lifetime Career Courses and is also one of the instructors. He has worked in many fields and held a variety of positions, including restaurant manager, headmaster, journalist, public relations director, editor, graphic artist, property investor, admissions director, event planner, publication designer, multi-media producer, photographer, and resume writer. He has a BA and MA in Theology from Christendom College, earned his MBA Essential Certificate from Shenandoah University, and is a Certified Professional Career Coach.

 Mrs. Kristin Stephens, Director of Career & Professional Development

Kristin Stephens has been Christendom College’s Director of Career & Professional Development since 2018. She holds a BA in Psychology from Roanoke College, an MS in Counseling and Student Affairs from Radford University, and is a Certified Career Counselor through the National Career Development Association. She has taught classes on a variety of subjects, including leadership, study skills, budgeting, car buying, personalities & temperaments, career planning, resume writing, and etiquette. She provides workshops, career counseling appointments, resume critiques, classroom presentations, and related assistance to the students.