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Our Students and Alumni Shine

About Our Students

Our core curriculum and carefully chosen majors give our students the most sought-after traits and qualities. 


  • Superior written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to think critically and clearly
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Ability to analyze and solve complex problems 
  • Strong moral compass and the motivation to work and live with integrity 

ADAPTABILITY – THE key to success

Our students are highly adaptable, giving them the key to success in any field. They excel in…


  • Business and sales
  • Education, counseling, and management
  • Retail management and customer service
  • Software, architecture, and information technology
  • Marketing, finance, and accounting
  • Hospitality and communications


Our student profile:


  • A 1230+ average SAT score
  • People of integrity with great work ethic
  • Focused on professionalism during college
  • Natural leaders with a capacity to be creative and innovative
  • 98.8% employed or in grad school within 6 months of graduation
  • Empowered with career prep classes incorporated into the curriculum to enable them to make an impact on day one of the job

Our Alumni Make an Impact


I have had the privilege of working with many Christendom alumni and through my experience reliably expect consistent professional and personal qualities that bear the marks of their formation at Christendom: Cultivated intellects possessing clarity of thought and cogent expression and well-formed adults who are kind and thoughtful.  While I find them particularly well-suited for the requirements of the legal profession, I believe that regardless of the industry, Christendom graduates are prime candidates to become key additions to your team.

Matt Akers

Attorney/Managing Partner at McCarthy & Akers, PLC

Character, work ethic, good manners, and class are all attributes most employers value. We have found these very qualities in Christendom students—that’s why our company has already hired six Christendom alumni.

Jeffrey Knight

President at TrueShred

Finding people with the right values and a good work ethic was proving very difficult for our business until we met with Christendom graduates. Their graduates have great attention to detail and learn the skills required for any position quickly. We currently have employees who are Christendom graduates doing sales, marketing, management, customer service, and scheduling. They all do a fantastic job! 

Tommy Salmon

General Manager at Hambleton Handyman 

At Timber Works, I have been able to hire and work with many Christendom graduates, and of all the applications we get, Christendom alumni end up being some of the strongest and most reliable candidates that apply. Finding new employees is a difficult challenge, so when we get a Christendom alumni application, we can be sure we have a motivated and serious candidate. Currently, we have 5 Christendom alumni at our company and we hope that number will grow in the future!

Joe Peters

Operations Manager at Timber Works Tree Care


At Enterprise, I have recently hired a number of Christendom College graduates and we hope to hire more in the upcoming future! Each of the graduates we have added to our team, has immediately proven to be intelligent, skilled, and enthusiastic in their roles!  Furthermore, each hire has demonstrated their own skillset comprised of high-level determination, confidence, a strong work ethic, and an invigorating passion to excel! –  This is extremely important for us being in the customer service and sales industry! We are truly grateful and blessed to have such a high caliber of graduates to add to our team at Enterprise and we are excited to continue helping them reach their highest potential in business, the community, and becoming great leaders!

Heather Smith

Area Manager, Enterprise Holdings

They are a “must interview.” They have a great work ethic, which follows the ethics they learned at the school. They are bright, with a penchant for continuous learning. I found that they have all the traits you want your own child to have – truthful, courteous, good interpersonal skills, respectful, and grateful. 

Cindy Carci

Former Director of Sales at immixGroup


We were truly pleased with the quality of students at Christendom. Christendom is small, but mighty and should not be written off due to its size as far as recruiting goes. We saw better quality students at Christendom compared to colleges 10 to even 20 times its size. You must be very proud.

Kaitlin P.

Federal Law Enforcement


Christendom grads bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to the education field. All of the Christendom graduates have possessed a confidence and surety to be able to promote truth, goodness and beauty in the class room and the school. They are dynamic faith-filled intellects with a purpose of passing on the richness of the Catholic Tradition. They have skills to be able to meet the students at their level, assist in their wisdom and direct their discernment.

Dan Ethridge

Headmaster at Ville de Marie Academy

As a Catholic classical school, we need teachers who are steeped in the sources of Western Civilization and able to teach multiple subjects. Christendom’s core curriculum and liberal arts emphasis ensures that their graduates have a love for our Catholic heritage and treasures. In our opinion, when it comes to teachers, subject knowledge is very important. It’s something that teachers need years to accumulate. Christendom graduates have spent at least four years developing that knowledge, which gives them a huge advantage over first-time teachers from other schools.

Mo Woltering

Headmaster at Holy Family Academy

The Christendom pool of talent just continues to amaze us. And the level of respect, professionalism, and commitment to excellence is why we keep coming back to Christendom for students that are a cut above the rest.

Victor Rogers

President at Strive3

I have hired over 20 Christendom graduates for both full- and part-time employment. I have always been impressed by their ability to work, to learn new tasks, and to take on responsibility in and out of the workplace. My business is quite complicated, and their ability to adapt to various situations is very important. The graduates of Christendom with whom I have had the pleasure of working possess a deep character of integrity and virtue.  

Paul Uhlenkott

Owner of EcoNize Closets 


Christendom has provided our organization with stellar, top-of-the-line candidates for both internships and full-time positions. For employers, I highly recommend Christendom’s professionalism in their career coordinating and high caliber of students. Christendom students are prompt, professional, and smart. They are well-versed in history and traditional values, and their willingness to learn surpasses the average student. They are dedicated to moral principles and provide value to any organization they choose.

Julie Mitchell

External Affairs Coordinator at Media Research Center


Find the professional, qualified candidates you need all in one place. On campus, employers can:


  • Set up a table during lunch in our dining hall.
  • Conduct on-campus interviews.
  • Hold informational sessions.

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