Christendom Degree: Unlimited Options

There’s nothing more powerful than a liberal arts degree

Become a Conceptualizer

Rather than educating students in truth and wisdom, most American universities and colleges have stripped their coursework of the liberal arts and have focused on specialized job training. While the immediate pursuit of a technical degree following high school may result in the rapid development of a vocational skill, the student’s mental powers and habits are narrowed through this process.

Conversely, through studying the Catholic liberal arts at Christendom College, our students encounter a universal study of knowledge unified by the central role played by Philosophy and Theology. By seeking the truth through various disciplines they cultivate a new intellectual power enabling them to take up any career and thrive with competence, grace, versatility, and success.

As a fruit of this timeless education, the Christendom graduate acquires a habit of mind that enables him to understand and discern truth in every challenge, while at the same time, think critically, be creative, problem solve, conceptualize, and communicate clearly – all qualities wanted by today’s employers.

WHat OThers Say about the Liberal Arts

Of course we believe in the power of a Christendom College liberal arts degree – it’s why we are in business! But there are many who are more skeptical of the value of the liberal arts in today’s workforce, especially in the fields of medicine, business, IT, accounting, STEM, and other such specific fields. They believe that it is necessary to have a specific degree in a specific field, or that everyone needs to go to graduate school in a specific field in order to work in that field.  But this is not the truth.

The truth is that the majority of our alumni go directly into the workforce after college, and enter a wide variety of fields, and quickly work their way up the ladder to positions of leadership and management. In fact, nationally, 73% of people do not work in the field in which they majored!

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