Business & Entrepreneurship

An ideal career field for a Christendom graduate

The fields of business and entrepreneurship are complex and constantly evolving. To succeed in them, one must understand not only the economics of how to run a business but also how to think creatively and communicate well with others. These soft skills are often the difference between a good businessman and a great one, making a liberal arts background essential for anyone interested in successfully being part of a business or running one.

As a result, Christendom graduates are often successful in these fields. Equipped with robust communication skills and creativity to spare, alumni stand out from their peers, becoming CEOs, opening successful companies, and much more.

At Christendom’s Life on Tap alumni networking series, successful businessmen and entrepreneurs have returned to campus to speak on how they used their liberal arts education and the career preparation they received at Christendom to find post-graduate success.

Watch the video recordings below.

Jeremy Minick (’16) is a philosophy major and founder of Enable Web Design, a marketing and design company. Lawrence Urgo (’16) is the founder of AllClaims Pro, LLC, a public adjusting company.

Dan Beller (’12) is the Chief Operating Officer of EcoNize Closets and Jackson Kulick (’09) is joint CEO of Blue Ridge Graphics.

Alumnus Gellert Dornay is the President & CEO of Axia Advantage Home Loans, after previously running Java Trading Co.