Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

An ideal career field for a Christendom graduate

The STEM field is a great career field to enter, and many Christendom alumni easily transition from the liberal arts to the STEM field upon graduation. Software development, engineering, IT, and web development are some of the most lucrative careers available today. To be successful in these fields, it demands an aptitude for logical thought, analytical skills, and understanding the nature of things and how they work, along with a knowledge of how to work within complex technological systems. While that knowledge is important, the ability to learn it and communicate it well to others is perhaps even more important. That makes a liberal arts background a great stepping stone to success into these fields.

At Christendom’s Life on Tap alumni networking series, alumni successful in these fields have returned to campus to speak on how they used their liberal arts education and the career preparation they received at Christendom to find post-graduate success.

Watch the video recordings below.

Bryan Hadro (‘04) worked as a software engineer for ESPN before taking on his current role as a senior web developer for US News and World Report. Brandon Vaughan (’05) worked as a web developer for Nclud and Trinity Consulting, and later cofounded Nvite, the world’s first attendee-focused event registration and ticketing platform

Sean Garvey (’93) has been involved in the IT industry since 1993, founding two computer technology companies, including NovusCG, a privately held storage solutions company that was acquired by IBM in 2007. Alex Scrivener (’05) is the Lead Cloud Services Engineer at LiteCloud.

Alumnus Bennett Ellis (’92) has worked as a Lead Software Architect for IBM and now owns his own software development company called Slice, LLC. Tim Lanahan (’10) is a software engineer for Capital One.


Phil O’Herron (’00) is a post-doc fellow at the University of Georgia. He has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Johns Hopskins University.