Teaching & Education

An ideal career field for a Christendom graduate

What is the difference between a good teacher and a great one? The ability to engage students. Communicate ideas well to them. Lead them. And, to be able to connect a multitude of subjects together in order to show the entire picture to students. These are just a few things that can make a teacher stand out from the pact, but all of these skills come from a liberal arts background. A liberal arts education’s focus on forming the whole person helps them become ideal teachers later, impacting education for the better.

Christendom alumni can be found teaching in colleges, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and at home. No matter what grade level they teach, they are equipped with an understanding of philosophy, history, theology, and more that helps them to impart knowledge better to students.

At Christendom’s Life on Tap alumni networking series, successful alumni in the education and teaching fields have returned to campus to speak on how they used their liberal arts education and the career preparation they received at Christendom to find post-graduate success.

Watch the video recordings below.

Victor Alcantara (’05) is a teacher and an administrator at Saint John Paul the Great Catholic School. Megan Rolla (’11) is a Good Shepherd Catechist at St. Rita’s Catholic School. Theresa Lamirande (’13) teaches middle and high school students at Front Royal Christian School.

Joan Watson (’06) is the director of adult formation for the Diocese of Nashville. Fr. Hezekias Carnazzo (’04) founded the Institute of Catholic Culture. Jimmy Blankenship (’05) was the coordinator and director of religious education at Holy Spirit Catholic Church.

Emma Boyle (’09) is the History department chair at Saint John Paul the Great High School, while continuing to teach both History and English classes. Kelly Lawyer (’13) is a Latin teacher at Oak Hill Christian School. Christine Nussio (’12) teaches History at Oakcrest School.

Chris Foeckler (’12) has spent eight years teaching mathematics and theology at Chelsea Academy while Klarissa Blank (’14) is a Director of Religious Education and religion teacher at St. Rita Catholic Church and School.

Bailey Young ’19, Annie Heisler ’21, and Ben Guza ’22 returned to campus to share their insights and success in teaching with current Christendom students.